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Department: Washington Elementary School

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Period: Full Day Room: 106
About Kindergarten


I am very excited and privileged to be teaching your kids this school year!

How Parents Can Help

There are many ways parents can help their kids. It is very important to read to and with your child as much as possible! We are learning so much so quickly, check your child's folder daily to check for homework and have them share what they worked on that day. We are loving our new Saxon phonics, have your child tell you the letter they worked on and the sound, as well as read you any words on their phonics worksheet that day. They will be receiving word lists before long and they will love to read these to you.

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Classroom rules:

Raise your hand to speak.

Always do your best work!

Be a good listener.

Be a caring friend (don't wrinkle someone's heart)

Follow instructions quickly.


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