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Special Education

Department: Washington Elementary School

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Period: Full Day Room: 116
About Special Education


Class Schedule: 

8:00-8:30AM Steer Time 5th Grade Martin 

8:30-9:45AM 3rd Grade Math Klix

9:45-10:15AM Kindergarten Edwards 

10:15-10:30AM Conference 

10:30-11:00AM 5th Grade RTI Kennedy/Alexander

11:00-11:30AM 4th Grade Math Ward

11:30-12:00PM Conference 

12:00-12:30PM Lunch 

12:30-1:00PM 4th Grade Writing Martinez 

1:00-1:30PM 3rd Grade Sunday ELA 

1:30-2:00PM 5th Grade Science Melton

2:00-2:30PM 3rd Grade Sunday Reading 

2:30-3:30PM 5th Grade Math Martin

How Parents Can Help

If possible, read with your child for twenty minutes each night. Do not read the story to your child, have he or she read to you and if they come to a word they cannot read, then you may assist them. 

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Grading will be based off of their regular class schedule and is handled by their indivdual teachers. 


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