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Third Grade

Department: Moss Elementary School

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Period: All Day Room: 202
About Third Grade


Please Remember:

September 30 is a half day for the students, please pick your student up on time.

Please know that the students should come home with their spelling list every Monday at the latest. We take the spelling pretest every Thursday, and if your child makes a 100 then they do not have to take the test on Friday.

How Parents Can Help

Greetings! I know that we can all get busy with things from time to time however below are some of the ways that you can help your child have a successful second grade year:

1. Read with them every evening. Ideally have them read to you or someone else for 15 minutes every night. (It doesn't have to be a book there are plenty of magazines, short stories, poems, and newspapers they can also read.)

2. Allow them to get on Study Island every night.

3. Ask questions! Ask about their day, what they are working on, their friends, and about life in general.

4. Join PTA, helping every once and awhile at school helps your child. There is a certain pride that the kids get in the school and themselves when they see their family members taking the extra time to be involved in their school.


Please remember that you can keep up with your child's grades with the log in information that you were given at the start of the school year.

I would also like for you to be aware that I encorage students to do corrections on failed papers. On these papers I would like for the parent/guardian to please sign the paper before/after corrections are made. This allows me to know that you have seen the paper and are aware of your child's original grade.


The class worked together and came up with the following class rules:

1. Respect others

2. Respect yourself

3. Respect the school

4. Everyone participates


These expectations apply to everyone in the class. If your child has difficulty following an expectation, or they exceed expectations for a rule there will be a note on their behavior calendar.


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