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Welcome to 8th Grade Technology Applications


In Technology Applications classes each semester we will include, but are not limited to: 

mastering the knowledge of keyboarding skills proficient for high school;


 the teaching of  planning, creating, and editing documents created with a word processor using readable fonts, alignment, page setup, tabs, and ruler settings;


the creating and editing of spreadsheet/databases documents using all data types, formulas and functions, by defining fields, entering data, and designing layouts appropriate for reporting; and chart information;

demonstrating proficiency in the use of Power Point by creating linear or non-linear projects incorporating text, audio, video, and graphics;


 the integration of acquired technology applications skills, strategies, and use of the word processor, database, spreadsheet, telecommunications, draw, paint, web page development, multimedia and utility programs into the foundation and enrichment curriculum.



My expectations and contact info:


Your grades will be taken from projects, tests, conduct and participation.


I expect to be treated as you would like to be treated; in turn I will treat you as you would like to be treated. I expect you to be responsible.  I expect you to be kind to yourself and others.  I expect you to ask questions, that is what I am here for!   


I am here to help your student learn about technology and I hope to broaden their interest in further developing their technology skills. My conference period is from 9:45-10:15 each day. You can call the office and leave me a message or send me an email for the quickest response.  I look forward to working with your student.



M. Williams

Technology Applications

Big Spring Junior High



First Six Weeks

·        Introduction to Basic Computer knowledge and Terms

·        Keyboarding Strategies

·        Microsoft Word: Resume Building

             and Movie Reviews

·        Connected Tech Introduction

Second Six Weeks

·        Introduction to Microsoft Publisher

·        Publisher: Newsletters

·        Ongoing Keyboarding and Connected Tech reinforcement lessons

·        Introduction to Microsoft Power Point

Story Power Point

All About Me Power Point

·        Introduction to EXCEL

Third Six Weeks

·        Excel Projects including graphs

·        Intro into Web Design

Web Design Project Page

·        Connected Tech Assessment for TEKS and Keyboarding Skills Internet Drivers License Testing for all 8th grade students for 9-12 grade preparation.

Contact Information:
M. Williams

Technology Applications

Big Spring Junior High


Conference Period from 9:45-10:15 Daily


Office Hours Conference 9:45-10:15
Monday through Friday 7:45-3:45

Phone (432) 264-4135
1985, Big Spring High School, Big Spring, TX  
1999, Bachelors, ASU, San Angelo, TX 
2009, Masters, North Texas , Denton, TX  
Academic Specialties Technology Applications
Elementary K-8
Grad of This School Yes



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